YOUFU Backlit Keyboard [review]

This is an awesome keyboard at a very good price.. Some of the features include:

  • Aluminum base just under the keys
  • Fully backlit keys that won’t wear away in time


  • Colorful glow which can be changed to on/off 3 brightness settings and breathing effect.
  • Mechanical feel and very responsive.
  • Water resistant because we all need that
  • 19 ghosting keys for gaming

After using this keyboard over time, I decided it was a great find.  I love the feel, sound and how responsive they feel. I personally highly recommend this keyboard no matter what OS you currently use and what type of pc or laptop you have.  When buying a keyboard I always find one that is full size as the number pad is very important to me.

The only CON I found was the clarity of the function and number keys, they are not as clear as I would like them as you  need to hover your face over the top to get a clear image of each key.

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