What is Drive Notepad App? [tools]

This is one of the most useful notepad I’ve used, the key thing for me is it’s directly linked to my Google drive, so when I make changed and save them it saves directly to my cloud storage.

It’s quite feature rich as well, it’s great on so many levels and have it open as well.  I use it mainly for updating budget information though I also have a spreadsheet for that.  Just being able to make a simple note in a list is very handy.

On the left side you will see a list of tabs for Current File, Find/Replace, New/Open, General Settings and About/Help.  I’ll give you details for each tab below:

Current File

  • File Name and Description
  • Syntax, select text or programming language such as C++, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python and XML to name a few
  • Newline Detection
  • Tabs, Chose number of spaces
  • Save, Print, Share File, History of Changes


  • Case Sensitive
  • Match Whole Word
  • Use Regular Extension
  • Go to Line
  • Replace mode

New Open

  • Open Existing file in Current Tab/New Tab
  • Create New file in Current Tab/New Tab

General Settings

  • Hide/Show Recent Changes
  • Control Word Wrap
  • Tab Default
  • New Line Default
  • Font Size
  • Theme, choose from Chrome, Clouds, Crimson_Editor, Dreamweaver, Eclipse to name a few.

As you can see, it’s a very useful and versatile app and certainly worth while to explore on your own,

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