Organize Your Cloud Storage [tutorial]

Anyone using cloud storage knows how quickly it can get out of control.  For years using Dropbox and now Google Drive, if I learned anything, files can easily come up missing if not organized properly.

To start I prefer only having 3 or 4 files in my main directory, this files are ones I use almost everyday.  Just makes it simpler for me to open from my phone or computer(s). I always label my main folders with the main subject like Photos, Linux, Video, etc.

Inside each subject folder are 2 or more sub folders or topics of specific interests.  An example would be the following:


  •    Arch
  •    Debian
  •    Mint
  •    Ubuntu


  •    Avatars
  •    Profile
  •    Wallpaper


  •    Cloude Solutions
  •    TwitchTV
  •    Youtube

And  under each sub folder I break them down to specifics, for example the LINUX DISTROS may have separate drivers and how-to:

By now you get the gist of how I manage my files and folders.  The more you organize the better you can manage file and find them.  This works great in school or college work as well organizing your work by subject as well.  The possibilities are limitless.

Hope this helps and if you have any suggestions feel free to comment below.

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