My Experience at a Local Office Box Store?

One day I went to a local Office Supply chain with a huge red sign to look into Chromebooks.  I saw they had all kinds of tower and desktop PC’s, around seventeen laptops and about five tablets but sadly saw no Chromebooks.

After looking around for about 10 minutes I asked a salesperson if they sold any Chromebooks… in a loud voice he said “Chromebooks?” then chuckled as to embarrass me and explained “Chromebooks went out a couple years ago, nobody uses them anymore because people prefer using their phones and tablets to do everything they need now a days, computers are a thing of the past”.  I Pointed too all the computers with keyboards and laptops and said the keyboard was not going anywhere anytime soon.

Seriously, this salesman was very arrogant and just because you don’t sell a product, it doesn’t exist. If you go to their website however, you can buy them online so they do still exist.  He obviously works on commission or is trying to look good which he seriously failed at.

At any rate, after cooling down a bit I went online and found one that I enjoy the Acer Chromebook 14.

I’ve spoken to vendors who deliver beverages and food to grocery chains and asked them about using tablets.  They explained it was annoying using the on screen keyboard and wished they had an actual one to type on. Fortunately, the vendors they worked for ordered clip on keyboards for them to use and they were very delighted.  Shows these companies take feedback seriously.

The convenience of a cell phone and tablet not using a keyboard is ok for simple tasks but in the work environment or even gaming, they are still a very important part of our lives.  It’s going to be a very long time before keyboards completely disappear.

Personally, I’m a lazy texter so prefer to use MySMS when using my Chromebook or PC to chat through my cell phone.  This is very true with other social apps as well such as Discord and Whatsapp.

What is your opinion on the “keyboard” now and in the future?

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