Google Docs and Sheets [review]

Google docs is a free cloud based office suite.  It’s compatible with most other major office suites for business and personal use and I use both the docs and sheets on a regular basis.

The main unique feature for me is the auto save function to my Google Drive. If I forget to save frequently enough and lose power I won’t lose my hard work.  As an owner of a Chromebook. And yes you have the ability to save your work locally as well.

Using Docs is really easy from blank to using templates available for many topics.  Templates include Resume, Letters, Project Proposals and Brochures… you are not limited to what they have on file as you can easily find templates online that may fit what you need at the time.

Recently I have been using Google docs to write my blogs, but it surely comes in handy when searching for jobs as I update my resume as needed.  It’s great for printing standard letter sized envelopes as well making for professional presentation. I have also used it for creating business and calling cards using perforated card stock purchased from a local store.

Google sheets on the other hand is super helpful with setting up your budget.  Simply laying out the rent, utilities and other bills in sheets is great. I also use it to sort my grocery list and menus… I made a list of meal ideas for 14 days, then a list of what is each meal.  Below that is a master list of groceries with estimated or most recent costs of the items. All I have to do in this case is edit quantities and it will auto calculate my list with a total. If I am over budget I can simply shorten the quantities to bring to me to current goal.

In short, whether you use docs, sheets or both you won’t be disappointed especially it being free.  So as a student, you’re able to save money instead of investing in really expensive alternatives that fill your hard drive.  Hope you give it a try and let me know what you think in the comments below. Click here to explore it today!

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