Laptops with Four Hour Battery Life

Is an average of four hour battery life enough and how do people benefit from it?

Depending on how you are using your laptop, four hours may either be hindering or plenty.  If you travel a lot and throughout the day require your computer eight or more hours each day without anyway of keeping your laptop charged, this may be an issue.  Vendors now carry lightweight laptops or tablets take with them for scanning, order entry, taking photos of their projects and need and excess of four hours to continue with their work.

As a part time laptop user, I have discovered four hours on average is more than I need to do the tasks I need done.  Because my work doesn’t require me to be away from a charger for any length of time during the day or night I can easily make due with a shorter battery.

samsung galaxy chromebook | Four Hour Battery Life
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

My Samsung Chromebook

I have purchased and owned a variety of laptops and Chromebooks over the years and am used to the concept of a long battery life, except of course in earlier days when a laptop weighed 7 pounds because of double battery compartments and still only got 3 hours.

I have gotten used to the idea that when you purchase these computers you automatically get 8 plus hours on a single charge until I purchased the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.  The biggest blunder in the Chromebook world to date, as they are based around the concept of an all day battery for school and work.

Samsung’s Surprised Reaction

Even Samsung seemed caught off guard with such a low battery output and claimed they were aware of the issue and were working with Google to try and resolve it.  As we know, a couple years later we still didn’t have a real fix for the problem.  Though I was annoyed I paid top dollar for a Chromebook with really good specifications except the battery of course, I kinda missed the point.

My laptop had the best in the Chromebook world from 13.3″ 4k Q-OLED display, i5 – U series processor, 8gb ram, in a super sleek case only weighing 2.29 lbs was more than enough to make the cost worthwhile.  While using my computer I would adjust the brightness and tried other features including nightlight and ambient lighting to maybe help make the battery last longer, the last two seemed to drain more power than help.

Personal Average Usage

On average I actually got between 4 and 6 hours depending on what I was doing at the time… oddly I got more battery during video playback than browsing the internet.  I’m a light laptop user with some games, document creation, web browsing, Prime and Youtube in my case.  Adding the fact that I do not use my laptop for more than a couple hours when I am not home reminded me I can easily get away with less battery than I thought.

Because of the battery technology we now have, it’s safe to leave our laptops plugged in as it knows when to stop charging when full.  Used to be a bad thing for batteries in the past and over charging would ruin the life of a battery very quickly.  For the most part I tend to charge my laptop overnight and it’s fully charged and ready for the day.

Conclusion | Four Hour Battery Life

So the answer in my case is YES, I am able to survive on a four hour charge (depending on use might be up to 6 on a good day).  What experiences do you have with your laptop(s) and how do you get along with a short battery during your day?  Feel free to share your stories in the comments below.

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