This is a really nice cloud storage solution I have used for many years.  It works seamlessly with your pc and smartphone by setting up a local folder. 

 Simply drag and drop whatever you want into that folder and it automatically uploads to Dropbox servers.  It’s also a great way to backup your favorite files, music, videos, etc.

The convenience of having a cloud backup is when your PC decides to stop working or perhaps you want to change your operating system, all your files are safely saved offsite.

Sharing is super simple, all you need to do is send a link to that file and all they need to do is click the link to download it.  They don’t even have to own their own Dropbox to open it. It’s so simple everyone can use it.

Simply put Dropbox is a very easy tool for help keep, move, share files and folders on your PC or Smartphone.

Feel free to try Dropbox today FREE, you get 2Gb storage which is more than anyone needs to learn how it works and see if they enjoy the service.  However, if you do like it and want to expand you can purchase larger amounts of storage depending on your current needs.

Current standard packages are 1Tb, 2Tb and if you even need more it’s available.  Dropbox is super flexible with storage needs for a nominal fee, To learn more about Dropbox for yourself Click Here.

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