Drive Notepad Tutorial

A great code editor or simple notepad depending on your use.  I enjoy making lists of what I need to do, make lists of expenses, grocery, etc. ​

drivenotepad_1​The best feature of all is that it saves directly to your Google Drive seamlessly.

As far as coding, there are many C, C++, CSS, Pascal, Python, SQL Server to name a few.  But as a simple text editor it’s simply amazing too. You can title your document to be saved to whatever you want.

After you edit your document, it will remind you that it has not been saved.  The blue menu is very simple and can be minimized or maximized so it’s not intrusive in your space you are working in.

Images of each page:

Current File: Title of Document, Syntax or Text Type, Newline, Tabs

Find/Replace: Search Keywords to find or replace

New/Open: In This Tab,  Open New Tab

​General Settings: Recent Changes, Word Wrap, Tab Default, Newline Default, Font Size, Theme



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