Do we still need keyboards? [blog]

While shopping for a Chromebook at a near by  office supply store, I was mocked as to even looking into a Chromebook and it was explained to me keyboards are a thing of the past. 

 No one buys Chromebooks anymore… I explained schools hand them out to students currently and he replied that was an exception. I was stunned since the stores inventory was mostly laptops and some PCs requiring keyboard with very few tablets.

Further the salesman explained people prefer tablets and phones over laptops and PCs, however, that is not what I learned when speaking to people about it in recent past.

I’ve spoken to some vendors who were given tablets which they take on the road with them and to their dismay they were very inconvenient.  All of the vendors I spoke with said they wished they had keyboard as the touch keyboard slowed them down and covered most of the screen. Luckily, the vendors who expressed their concerns were listened to and now when they visit they have keyboards with their tablets.

In my personal opinion, I really do not think keyboards are going away anytime soon.  I definitely prefer typing over tapping and being a lazy texter myself I use MySMS on my pc linked to my cell phone so I can chat using my keyboard over the touchscreen.  Computer gamer’s heavily reply on the keyboard for the games and take it further with customizing their keys to accommodate their needs in games they play.

What do you think about this topic, how do you feel about keyboards in this day and age, feel free to comment below with what you think.

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