Chromebooks and Asus c300

This is the very first Chromebook I ever purchased… ​After doing a lot of research and weighing what I needed with a laptop computer, oddly enough I was drawn to Chromebooks.

I began to spec them out for performance and finally found something I thought would fit my needs… I purchased my first laptop the Chromebook Asus c300.

asus-c300​This was a 13.3 Inch HD with Gigabit WiFi, 16Gb SSD and 4Gb ram.  It was everything I needed and more. After using this Chromebook for about a year my outlook on what it had to offer was very different.  Seriously, it revolves around Cloud Computing, which is very convenient these days. As long as you had a connection, you had access to everything you need.

These newer Chromebooks have a lot more to offer such as offline usage.  Being able to move movies to my local drive came in handy when the power went out after a storm and could even listen to music as well.

I recommend Chromebooks for many reason, the Asus Chromebook c300 is a great bargain:

  • Affordable
  • Long Battery Life
  • Light Weight
  • Free 100Gb Google Drive (Most Manufacturers)

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