Chromebook – Touchpad [tutorial]

Chromebook trackpad has many features programmed into it.  Unlike most on many other systems you may find Google’s ChromeOS has many interesting features build into it making using their devises seamless.

About the Touchpad

The touchpad is not only use

d to point and click but has many useful features as well.  However, some prefer using a mouse in place of a Touchpad.

Move the Pointer

​Drag your finger across the touch pad in any direction.


Tap the lower half of the pad.

Right Click

Using two fingers tap the pad, you may also use ALT then tap with single finger.


Using 2 fingers, slide up, down, left right to scroll those directions.

Moving Between Pages

While browsing in Chrome, you might want to view previous page, do with by swiping with two fingers to the left, and swipe to the right to move forward.

View all Open Apps and Windows

As a multi-tasker I usually have more than one window open, to quickly see what windows are open swipe with three fingers up or down.  Then click app you want to be active.

Closing Tabs

Click X, click/tap tab with 3 fingers.

Drag | Drop

This might take some practice, using 1 finger click and hold an items/icon, then drag across the pad and release to drop.  Alternatively you can copy/paste.

Customize your Touchpad

If you prefer trying other setting you may change some features of your touchpad by doing the following:

Click lower right corner with clock or profile image, then click settings, under Device click Touchpad.

Feel free to experiment with different settings till you feel comfortable with the touchpad.

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