Chromebook – Settings [tutorial]

On the lower right part of your screen you will find notification area showing any notifications (when active), Time, WiFi Status and your Avatar. 

Hovering your arrow on this area will show you the date and clicking the area will bring up more options.

Here you will get more details about your laptop… You may Sign Out, Setup/Change, WiFi, Bluetooth Status, Volume Control, Settings Icon, Help, Lock and Shutdown.


If you want to setup or change your current Wifi.  Simply click WiFi and you will get to choose some options, Info about your network, Network Settings, WiFi On/Off, Routers in your area.


You may want to use some wireless hardware like Earbuds, Headphones, Headset, Printers, Speakers, etc.  Here you may Enable/Disable your bluetooth.

Volume Control

This is a very simple way of controlling your volume, clicking the Speaker will Mute/Un-mute sound, or using the touch pad you can tap or drag to control the loudness.  You also have the option of your keys at the top of the keyboard as well.


There are many options under this category, you can change settings from different locations depending on your selection.


Clicking this will bring to you the help guide.

Lock Screen

Simply locks your computer to the login screen.


Does just that, completely shuts down the computer.

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