Chromebook – Apps Feature [tutorial]

Apps (links) are a very important part of Chromebooks.  You will notice some standard apps are already setup on your Shelf such as Chrome Web Browser, Gmail, Link to Google Docs and Youtube.

 Of course by clicking the launcher you will have some apps installed and clicking More Apps you will get ALL that are installed on your laptop.

Apps can be installed directly through the Chrome Web Store, do this by clicking the icon.  This will take you to the website where you can search for more apps, games and tools.  You may also stream line your search using the features just below the search tool.

Once installed it can be found at the end of the list.  You can change panels within apps by clicking the next bar located at the bottom of the list. ​

You can also move your icons around between the panels by dragging them.  I usually sort my icons to my liking by most used on my main page and of course you can pin them to your shelf by tapping the icon with two fingers then select Pin to Shelf.  To remove the pin on the shelf, again using two finger click the icon on the shelf with two fingers then click unpin.

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