Apple’s Move Toward Thunderbolt [blog]

Apple’s bold move to remove basic ports leaving it’s followers of their products with 1-4 USB-C or Thunderbolt.

USB-C aka Thunderbold

I’ll never quite understand why Apple Corporation continues to innovate in ways that hinders performance.  For example, the Macbook Pro line (2016) when they not only removed the important standard ports but gave you a touchbar and from 1 to 4 USB-C.

For me, a laptop was developed with portability in mind, you can go into any coffee shop or library and set your laptop on a desk or table top and begin working.  Photographers love being able to plug their camera or SD chip into their Macbook Pro seamlessly and begin working on their projects.

That is no longer an option, you now need to spend money on an adapter aka dongle which can cost around $60 depending on types of ports you need to do the job.  Now it’s something you have to carry in your bag and looks a bit messy in my personal opinion.

Simply put, Apple could have given their users a simple adapter FREE to help during this transition period, but they didn’t become a trillion dollar company by giving anything away of course.


They could have simply added a USB-C along side their current ports during a time they become part of a new standard or if rather.  There is always that chance something different, better and more cost effective may come along bumping USB-C off track.

Firewire was the new champion above USB originally and this port was being installed on every laptop and computer but USB won out with USB 2 and Firewire became a thing of the past.


Chromebooks for example are no means nearly as powerful a computer as Macbooks YET they do come with USB-C with charging and cost a fraction.  They still have all the important ports as well given users the choice to buy peripherals as they need them not because they have to.

In short, Apple will always make the changes they see fit and in the process customers will be forced into an environment that cost more money and hinder their portability in the case of the new port.

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