Why ChromeOS


Chromebase, Chromebox and Chromebooks are an inexpensive alternative to higher end computers.  They’re primary focus using cloud computing such as pretty much anything to do with being online.  Whether you browse the web, watch Hulu, Netflix or Prime, use online applications for productivity, they have their place in the world.

I personally love Chromebooks as I am not a heavy gamer or video editor, Chromebooks I have owned in the past were the ASUS C300, Acer Chromebook 14 (gold) and my current Acer r11 Convertible which I love the most.  Though it’s smaller than the others I have owned, it’s lightweight and super easy to carry with me everywhere I go and then I enjoy watching movies and shows late at night in bed.

If you are looking for something that fits into the above categories definitely look into owning your own one day.  Why spend huge amounts of money when you don’t have to.