My Experiences

This site revolves mainly around Chromebooks and Cloud Computing… it’s a site where you will see reviews, how to, tips and other information pertaining the the subject.  Sometimes it will deviate to other topics of interest however.

Some computers include the Chromebase and Chromebooks with other information like storage solutions and tools used on the cloud devices.

When the Chromebook was first release I was very disappointed to say the least.  I instantly compared current PCs and laptops of that time and scoffing at the idea of a computer with so little specification and performance completely missing the point of such devices.

After a couple years It was time to replace my laptop with another… I simply created a list of what I used my previous laptop for to help decide what kind of specifications I needed to invest in.  Though cost is important it wasn’t a deciding factor in purchasing something new as I always purchase what I need.

My main needs of a portable device I listed were pretty basic such as browsing the web, streaming videos from sites like Netflix, Prime, Youtube, Watching movies and tv series I purchased online, created and edit spreadsheets and word docs as well as email were all important to me.  Some gaming were mostly online IO style and flash games.

After reading my list and doing some research of Chromebooks I then learned what they were made for… Cloud Computing!  Most everything I would be using my new computer for can be found over the internet. I didn’t need to spend $500-$4000 for a laptop after all as my needs were pretty simple.  I began my research of laptop models and found a few that interested me the most.

Chromebook Asus c300

My first chromebook was the Asus c300, if was pretty nice and did a fine job doing what I needed and had it a full year.  After further research and with more education over the past year I upgraded to the Acer Chromebook 14 Gold Edition. This was a stunning aluminum made laptop which I also loved for another year.  The only complaint I had was the weight as I carry my computer wherever I go.

Acer Chroembook 14 Gold

More research required to find something that does everything I need if not more but not as bulky and that brought me to the Acer Chromebook r11 Convertible (white).  This was a 3 in one laptop, tent, tablet with touch screen. It did take a bit getting used to as I was downsizing from 14” to 11.6” screen. That didn’t take very long and is currently my Chromebook of choice.  It’s also used by students in colleges and schools as well.

Acer Chromebook r11

In conclusion, if you are not a major gamer, graphics designer or video editor then no need to spend tons of money on something you don’t really need.  There is a cloud computer for just about everyone from desktop variety to portability depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Hope you find this useful and your decision in your future purchase.