Live Start Page | Living Wallpapers [review]

In my opinion, Live Start Page is awesome.  This utility is available on all platforms as it becomes part of your Google Chrome Browser but with the star being wallpaper within the browser.

You can also simulate live wallpaper on Chromebook by opening it on it’s own and set it to full screen mode.  But it’s not just about fancy backgrounds that are static or animated… there is tons more as it’s very flexible.

At the top you get your search bar, below that a clock with current time and date and near the bottom settings and yes Meditation.  Meditation will turn on the sounds of living wallpaper so if you are watching the ocean on the beach you will hear the water.

While meditation isn’t something I use this app for, it’s available for many who may benefit from it.  It comes with a variety of settings from calm sessions in single events or a series to listening to music.  Sounds included are Rivers and Birds singing but others can be unlocked like cat purs, fire burning, forest sounds and so many more.

The main settings however help you modify your experience with Live Start Page.  Here you will find Live Backgrounds and Static Wallpapers, changing the look of the browser like clock styles, adding local weather, etc.

After using this app of over a year now, I felt it was a good time to share is with other people.  Learn more about this app here. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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