Chromebook – Shelf Bar [tutorial]

The Chromebook shelf located at the bottom of the screen is where you will find your programs, updates, time, sound, battery and your login logo if you have one.  

The shelf is easily customized to suite your daily needs.


You have the ability to set autohide your desktop so when you have an app open it will be hidden, in the mode, when you need your shelf back simply move your mouse cursor to the location your shelf is hidden.

Using two finger, tap  desktop, then click Autohide shelf.


The default shelf location which is defaulted to the bottom of the screen and can be changed.

Using two finger, tap  desktop, then click shelf position, select location (Left, Bottom, Right)


To further customize your system you can change the default wallpaper to something you want.

Using two finger, tap  desktop, then click Set wallpaper,

At the top of the screen you will see a list of wallpapers sorted by type, you do not like the included wallpaper, you have the option to set a custom one of your own.  Assuming you already have one downloaded, click Custom, click Choose File, and go to the location of the file, click <file name> then Open.

You can now choose how the wallpaper is to be displayed, your options under position which are Center, Center Cropped or Stretch (default is usually Centered).


You can save or pin your favorite apps to the shelf.

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