Chromebook – Settings Details [tutorial]

Google has given users complete control over how they want to use their computers unlike most competitors.  The following are many settings details you have at your finger tips making the computer a very personal experience.

Turn your WiFi on and off

Add Additional WiFi, this comes in handy when you are at another location the provides WiFi free or for a small fee.

Adding an Open VPN.L3TP is available as well.

Simple setting to set your Bluetooth On/Off

Clicking on the first option (Your Name)will allow you to change your avatar, using standard ones already in the gallery, find one you downloaded or take a pic.

Syncing your Laptop to Google is a great way of keeping everything the same, default is syncing everything.

Using Screen Lock by Password and or PIN, and a new function using a cellphone you sync with your phone.  Having your phone near you allows auto unlocking.

Change your Wallpaper using default images included or download your own.

Update your Theme which is available through the Web Store.

Show Home Button is available and will appear next to the search bar, which way to go back home.

Show Bookmark Bar, this is very handy if you organize your links using folders, showing the bookmark bar can be super handy.

Font Size, changing the default from Medium to either smaller or larger lets you set the text you can comfortably read.

Set your default Page Zoom, default is 100%

Customize your Touchpad by Enable tap-to-click, Dragging, Speed and control Scrolling.

Change how your Keyboard reacts by changing the main control keys, features that can be changed are Search, CTRL, ALT, ESCAPE, BACKSPACE.  You can also make the top row keys to original keyboard function keys. Other functions include Enable Auto-Rate, Delay before Repeat, Repeat Rate, Keyboard Shortcuts and Change Language and Input Settings.

Control how your Display works, the default is internal Display but you have more options when you plug an external display to your laptop.

Storage Management allows you to see your current storage is in use and available.  How much is used in Downloads, Offline Files, Browsing Data and Other Users.  Google Drive is just one great way of storing data to the cloud.

​Set your favorite  Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, AOL and DuckDuckGo… Of course you may set another as a favorite default page as well.

Enable “Ok Google” to start voice searches using voice commands.  Simply say “Ok Google” and what you are searching for.

Manage Search Engines gives you a much larger selection to your favorite searches.  This will be added to your default listing.

​This basically speaks for itself, I personally prefer Google Calendar as my first default page.

Set your local Time automatically or choose one manually.

Set Clock from 12 hour to 24 hour.

Privacy and Security comes down to personal preference and needs attention for users who may want to add or remove settings.  Take some time to select/deselect what you want on this section.

Autofill Settings allow users to add and edit addresses and handle Credit Card information.

It’s very easy to change your current Language.

Input Method is used to select Auto-correction on your physical keyboard as well as other selections for your On-Screen keyboard such as  Sound on Keypress, Auto Correction, Auto-caps, Double-space, Enable Swipe Gestures add Typing.

You have the option to set Input Option in the shelf.

Set language of your Spell Check.

Change the default Downloads folder.

Set whether you want to be asked where to save your files before Downloading.

Choose to Disconnect Google Drive Account.

Manager both local and cloud Printers using this setting, couldn’t be any easier.

Accessibility has always been important for everyone to enjoy the experience of owning a computer… for example Text to Speech, Display and Keyboard features.   For some needing some assistance to help enhance their computer experience, taking time browsing these setting may help, ask a friend to help turn on some features to help get you started.

Finally we have RESET and POWERWASH features.  As explained above, Rest will restore settings to defaults and Powerwash will reset Google Chrome to original out of box.  Be advised on the reset to BACKUP ALL critical files and images you want to save to your Google Drive, Usb device or SD card.

There is no turning back here so take care in choosing to Powerwash.

Find information at Chromebook Settings for basic information.

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