Are you ready for Cloud Computing?

Making the switch to cloud computing is a huge difference to the way you use your PC.  Moving to a device that relies heavily on the internet seems really difficult but it really isn’t that Hard.

The average person uses their PC to browse the internet, spend time on their favorite social networks such as Discord, Facebook, Myspace, Skype, Pinterest, Twitter, and more, watch movies over Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, etc. Send emails, Pay Bills, Check your Bank Balance.


There is simply so much we do using or phone now a days, why not use a cloud ready PC to do all the thing listed above?  For one very good reason it’s affordable, some spend over $600 for a cell phone but you can get a laptop for as low as $160.  But depending on what you may want to do the price will vary toward $400 or so…

Why pay $1700-$4000 for a “high quality” laptop, with bragging rights of a fancy logo or stunning case.  That said it does come down to what you need your PC for hence why we still have options to choose a desktop over a laptop or tablet style computer.

If you are a Youtuber and edit your own videos there are some really good apps available online that do a lot most programs you spend $150 plus for.  The only difference is it’s online. Of course you have Youtube’s own editor, Clipchamp, Movie editor by Kizoa.

If you are are into graphics you also have many choices available like Canva, PicMonkey, Pixlr, Vectr.  I’ve used some of these as well and find them very intuitive and was very surprise the level of tools you actually get.

Then there is Google Docs where you can create Documents, spreadsheets and slide shows without having to purchase expensive office suites that can costs hundreds of dollars.  Plus it works seamlessly with your Google Drive. You never have to save as it auto saves behind the scenes.

A really nice benefit to using a Chromebook is the free 100gb drive storage for up to 2 years… This is really amazing for me as it is a automatic backup source of all my documents I create.  This allows me to install whatever operating system I want knowing all my documents are stored in the cloud.

I strongly believe the cloud is where it’s at and I will do what I can to help educate and migrate people to a computer experience without a high price tag,  Take a moment and think about everything you use your PC for, making a list and see where you stand… Are you ready to move forward? It’s kinda scary but when you really know what you use your PC for, I am confident you will do what many other are doing now.

Chromebooks are just for students and college students, businesses are using them too as an expensive way of communicating ideas and sharing their work.

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