Apple’s T2 Chip to Block Third Party Repair [review]

T2 is the ultimate control of who can repair your device… though it’s much more secure on many levels it also hinders third party repair shops who offer repair at affordable prices but aren’t necessarily authorized by Apple corporation.

Right now the T2 chip oversees logic pro and flashboards, however, in the future anything from tampering with keyboards and led replacements to hardware inside your computer may put your computer into LOCK mode.

The only fix is taking your device to an authorized repair shop which will cost more than your local computer shop in most cases.  If you don’t have an authorized Apple repair shop near you, you’ll be forced to drive long distances to drop off your computer or device and pick it up at a later date or worse mail or ship your device and prey it arrives with no new damages.

No matter what happens, it comes down to control!  Sometimes too much security is too much and no matter how safe and secure any device is, anyone wanting to get into your computer will… for example, the new credit card chip was supposed to be more secure but it was hacked in a short time and at local bank’s atm of all places.

Personally I believe Apple to be over prices as it’s products are constantly behind everyone else and most people that can afford them anyway usually don’t understand what’s out there but have money to throw away.

Worse, I know people who went into debt just to have an iPhone X of which they text, use SnapChat and play a simple game… seriously, all these can be done on a $100 phone.

Please feel free to express your concerns in the comments below about the new T2 chip or Apple products in general.


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